Top 5 Places to Visit in Longleng

Fondly known as the Land of Clouds, Longleng is a newly built district separated from the Tuesang district of Nagaland and is particularly popular for the Phom Nagas and their artistic handicrafts. As Nagaland is a significantly famed tourist state for its vibrant festivals, Longleng also celebrates numerous festivals consisting of joyous and gala festivities. It possesses a wonderful picturesque charm which attracts travelers every year to this immaculate heaven. While there are a few sites to discover in Longleng, this district boasts itself of its wonderfully created handicrafts and these are a must to take back with you to cherish the artistic skills of this place. Here what we have brought is a list of top 5 places in and around Longleng to visit and immerse you in the mesmerizing ambience of this amazing North-East’s jewel.

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