Top 5 Places to Visit in Baghmara

Baghmara is the district headquarters of South Garo hills in Meghalaya. It lies on the Bangladeshi border and is surrounded by hills, tracts and a river on its expanse. The word ‘baghmara’ refers to ‘bagh (tiger)’ and ‘mara (killed)’. It is said that Bong Lasker, a local killed a Bengal tiger in this place and hence the name. There is also a tomb in the town in his memory. Earlier, Baghmara was known as Barokar which referred to the 12 streams in the region.

With its spending natural beauty and apt location, Baghmara is popular with tourists. The top 5 places in Baghmara have to be those that not only give you a chance to enjoy nature, but also help you know the essence of the place. Those places are:

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