Top 5 Places To Visit In Devagiri (Daulatabad)

A small town in Maharashtra, Devagiri is located approximately 20 kilometres from Aurangabad on the Aurangabad-Ellora Highway. It’s rich and vibrant past makes it an important heritage site for tourists to revel in the marvels of numerous dynasties that ruled here over the ages. In 14th century AD, This city was renovated and heavily fortified by Muhammad-bin-Tuglag, who was the emperor of India during that period. He led an exodus from Delhi to Devagiri, shifting the entire population and means of livelihood, thus establishing his new capitol which he preferred to call Daulatabad. In the present day, Daulatabad or Devagiri is visited by tourists by the thousands to bask in its marvellous infrastructure and sky scraping heights. It is preferable to visit during the winters between the months of October to March. Connectivity to the fort is well established with railway and airline facilities available in Aurangabad. Listed below are places for tourists to visit while in Devagiri.

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