Top 5 Places To Visit In Periyar

Fondly known as the Spice Village, the Thekkady-Periyar village of Kerala is most famous for the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The picturesque village surrounded by small, attractive looking cottages amid the spice gardens, is one of the most peaceful locations of Kerala. The village gives you an ethnic feel with its distinctness of not being a city flanked with noise and pollution. This quiet, serene spot is an ideal location if one is looking to rest amid natural surroundings. The lush green trees and cool atmosphere make this village a very calm area, which also includes a few tourist spots here and there! The tiny cottages give Periyar a certain charm that you’d find nowhere else, and they give a feeling of homeliness and harmony. Due to its cool climate, there is no need of artificial cooling, and the noiseless village hears no sound other than the soft rustle of the leaves and singing birds. Let’s explore the spots you can visit while resting in this quaint village.

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