Top 5 Places to Visit in Lakkidi

Chembra Peak

If there is one place in India that will never disappoint in terms of the pleasures and wonders it offers, it is the refreshing state of Kerala. Be it the most beautiful beaches you’ve ever seen, or the most picturesque hill stations you’ve ever witnessed, Kerala houses all of nature’s ineffable beauty within its boundaries. A state that is endeared by everyone, is also well explored by most travellers. Yet the magic of Kerala seems to be unwavering. Nestled within this celebrated state is the hidden gem of Lakkidi, a lusciously green hill station. Lakkidi is the entry point to the Wayanad district of Kerela. Although it is a gateway, the place serves more than a pit stop to this district. The green meadows and serpentine roads give Lakkidi an artistic stroke. Its rich and colourful flora will make it difficult even to blink, in the fear of missing out on the lovely sights it offers. Travel to the top 5 spots in Lakkidi for a cherished and unique vacation in God’s own country, Kerala.

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