Top 5 Places to Visit in Kannur

Kannur is a picturesque city located in the southern state of Kerala, one of its northernmost districts. Earlier it was known as ‘Cannanore’ and some believe that its name actually refers to as the place of Lord Krishna as ‘Kannan’ in Malayalam refers to the Lord. It was a port town during the British regime and a hub of exports. Because of its rich historic heritage and many myths surrounding it, it is also known as the ‘crown of Kerala’. Kannur is a must-visit for there are many tourist destinations it has to offer including serene and lovely beaches, forts, monuments, churches, temples, museums and more. Below is a list of 5 places in Kannur that should be on any traveller’s must-see list.

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Top 5 Beaches in Kannur

The Malabar Coast of India houses the state of Kerala, quite deservingly called God’s own Country.  The state justifies its name with beautiful beaches, backwaters, canals, rocks and mountains, Kannur in Kerala can be explored to find some of the most wonderful beaches in India.

Some of the beaches are full of exuberance with a lot of tourists and a number of activities, while some other are far from the crowd, staying in an eternal quietness. We discuss the top five beaches in Kannur.

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