Top 5 Places To Visit In Dhanbad

Dhanbad, also commonly known as the Coal Capital of India, is the most expansive city in Jharkhand. This city is renowned for its coal industries and factories, and is one of the most successful commercial areas across India. Dhanbad houses many coal industries like Bharat Coking Coal (BCCL), IISCO (Indian Iron and Steel Company), Tata Steel and ECL. It also houses a number of prestigious institutions like the Indian School of Mines and Birsa Institute of Technology. Due to the extensive presence of coal, the area around is not much suited for agriculture. Hence, the people here resort to pisciculture (fish farming) and sericulture (silk production) for their livelihood. This city is a perfect confluence of nature and technology. While on the one hand the massive coal industries take you by surprise, on the other, the opulent panorama rejuvenates your soul. Here are five places to visit in Dhanbad.

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