Top 5 Places To Visit In Deoghar

The abode of Gods and Goddesses, as its name goes, Deoghar is famously known as ‘Baidyanath Dhaam’. Part of the Santhal Pargana division, this district is a major Hindu pilgrimage centre. It is one of the most secret destinations in India, surrounded by ruins of many Buddhist monasteries. The nearest railway station is Baidyanathdham. About 229kms away from Patna (Bihar), Deoghar has an average elevation of 833 feet. The town is famous for the Baidyanath temple, among other attractions that tourists are usually drawn to. During the month of Shravan, Deoghar harbors an estimated 7 to 8 million devotees who come to pay their respects to the shrine of Lord Shiva’s Jyotirlinga. Since it is a pilgrimage destination, following are a few of the interesting spots in Deoghar.

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