Top 10 Most Popular Dams in India

Tungabhadra Dam, Karnataka

Dams were ideally constructed to hold water in which could otherwise turn destructive, and aid in purposes like irrigation. But over time they have evolved into full blown tourist spots which afford opportunities like photography, natural beauty, walking places, watching birds and many others. Nowadays most tours to areas with major rivers are incomplete without a visit to the dams. As India is a country with a lot of rivers, it is only natural that a lot of dams follow. Here we list the top 10 dams in India, all of which are definitely worth visiting. Plan a tour to these dam sites to catch a glimpse of beauty that is also high on utility, helps numerous people in need while being eco friendly at the same time.

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Top 20 Treks of The Himalayas

Stok Kangri Trek

Himalayas has always captured the fascination of the world with its fantastic landscapes and panoramic views unparalleled by any other. It also helps that it is the highest peak in the world. Trekking expeditions to the Himalayas has always been a favourite for the world and the surprises it holds never ends. Here is a list of the top 20 treks of the Himalayas you just cannot miss.

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25 Best Trekking Spots in India

Spiti Valley Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Replete with Himalayas on the North and lush valleys on the South, India is one of the idyllic destinations to endeavor for adventure sports especially trekking adventures. The Himalayan beauty, snow-clad mountains, and a chilly weather not only inspire and bring up adrenaline rush but also the fascination of these high mountains can stimulate anyone for a wonderful trekking experience. So, what we are bringing in this article is a list of 25 best sites in India which are perfect getaways for an ideal trekking endeavor and will surely amaze you with their charm and allure thus convincing you to plan your next trekking adventure at these amazing trek routes locates in our own incredible India!

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10 Most Popular Hindu Festivals of India

Ganesh Chaturthi

Name any season in India, which passes uncelebrated.
Not able to find one….!!
Well, that is the beauty and excitement of this Nation.

India, has no dearth of occasions when it comes to its festivities. There is no count and end to celebrations on this land, where each season brings its own colours and vibrancy. Well, it gives one plenty of opportunities of happiness, ravishment and togetherness.

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Top 25 Must Visit Places in North India

The Taj Mahal, Agra

India has many tourist attractions that make for some of the most memorable vacations of a lifetime. Be it snowy white mountain tops, green ridge filled valleys or quaint old temples, North India definitely has something up its sleeve to appease every traveler. So, let’s get on exploring the choicest 25 in this massive list.

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Top 10 Paragliding Spots in India


The world nowadays is veering towards everything new, and tourists are yearning to try out things different from plain old sightseeing. They are going for adventure sports. Adventure sports come in various ways, and are beautiful to participate in, but mostly thrilling. India is following the tide with adventure sports like trekking, bungee jumping, and now, newly, paragliding. Paragliding provides beautiful vistas from high up, beautiful sights from the ground, and extremely memorable experiences. Available at many Indian hill stations like Uttarakhand, Himachal and Sikkim nowadays, we have foreign pilots to thank for this. Here we explore the 10 best places to paraglide in India, now.

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Top 20 Music Festivals in India

Sunburn Festival

Is there anything that good music can’t solve? I doubt there is. Whether you enjoy the electric waves or just the soothing classical music or something that falls in the middle, we have it all. Over the years, the number of music festivals being held all over the country is on a rapid spree and more the merrier. So, here goes our list of top 20 Music Festivals in India.

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30 Places in India To Visit with Kids


 India is blessed with a beautiful collection of diverse locations ranging from mystical palaces of Rajasthan, to sparkling beaches of South, to the lofty hills of north and what not. This vacation, take your kids and bring alive the magical stories of such lands!! And, what better way to learn of triumphant war tales, the diverse range of animals & plants and much more than by witnessing it all, live! So, take them around so the books don’t seem so boring anymore. Here we list a few places in India to visit with your kids and make their vacations awesome!

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