Top 5 Places To Visit In Patan

Patan is the former capital of Gujarat. The ancient, fortified town was built by the then king Vanraj Chavda in 745 AD. Attacked by Mohamud Ghazni in AD 1024, the city sprung from its ruins only to become the Suba headquarters of Sultanate Delhi, before it was known as the capital city of the Gujarat Sultanate. Famous for its exquisitely woven Patola sarees, Patan is a hub of the finest-made textiles in the world. Situated around 130km from the capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad, the city is well connected to roads and railways to other regions. Due to its extreme climatic conditions, best time to visit Patan is during winter when the temperature drops down. Let us take a look at the attractions of this ancient town of Patan.

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