Top 5 Places to Visit in Panaji (Panjim)

Initially named as Panjim by the Portuguese, Panaji literally means ‘The Land that never floods’ and is the state capital of Goa. Unlike the other state capitals, Panaji is an unhurried town that is peaceful and laid back. With a Portuguese style setting, the town has concrete structures, red titled roof, promenades and churches. Panaji lies on the peninsula looking out on the vast Mandovi River where one can see the boats cruising. The boulevards are lined up with arrays of acacia and gulmohar trees. The vibrantly glowing alleys with modernized cafes, back street bars and the narrow avenues of the Latin Quarter, Panaji is a place that is lively yet peaceful at the same time. With majestic churches, alleys, terracotta roofs and the flavour of Goan culture, the place resembles Lisbon, its twin sister in Portugal. Panaji is an Indian city with a heavy mesmerizing influence from the foreign land of Portugal. The top five places to visit in Panaji are listed below.

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