Top 5 Places To Visit In Mapusa

Travelling north from Panaji for about 13 km, Mapusa is a commercialized town of Goa. The town of Mapusa is congregated around Mount Alto. The city gets its name from the Konkani word ‘map’ which means to measure and a suffix ‘sa’ which is a phase fill up is added to the name. The place is often referred to as ‘Mhapsa’. Being in close vicinity from the beaches of north Goa, Mapusa is major transit centre for the people travelling to and from north Goa. Though the town is a well civilized area and is well-known for its Friday Market. Mapusa is a typical Portuguese style architectural setting and it is reflected in the form of historical monuments and forts. Enlisted here are top 5 places that are a must visit when in Mapusa.

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