Top 10 Places To Visit In Gaya

If you are looking to travel to a place that taps the beliefs you hold dear, you may visit places that boast of ancient temples and famous spots that are associated with your beliefs. Gaya is one such place that is close to the heart of those who follow Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. If you are not the category that limits yourself to a particular religion but seek to admire the wonders of the world of the ancestors, Gaya could still be a great choice as the land has some of the best constructions that highlight the architectural brilliance of an era in the past. Here are top 10 places in Gaya, the city in Bihar, which is famously associated with Gautama Buddha, a prince who turned down his right to throne to rule the hearts of millions who were sick, homeless and who believed in him as their savior. He was a precise example that proved that power does not lie in acquiring and ruling lands but true power is all about remaining detached from worldly pleasures and conquer the hearts and not the lands.

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