Top 5 Places To Visit In Bihar Sharif

Bihar Sharif is the district headquarters of Nalanda district in the state of Bihar. Revealing the leftovers of medieval Islamic design of the Gupta era in the form of mosques and tombs, Bihar Sharif portrays the depiction of an active town of rich times of yore. Being intimately linked to Buddha’s life, here lays a trail of pilgrimages. It was the capital of the Pala rulers and contains a 5th century AD Gupta pillar. It is also famous for housing the shrine of Sufi saint Sheikh Sharfuddin Yahya Maneri and Langot fair at Baba Maniram Akhara. Being situated on the bank of river Panchanan in the Hiryana Prabhat Parvat, Alluvial soil makes the land very fertile. Here are some of the must-visit places to see in Bihar Sharif:

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