Top 5 Places To Visit In Khonsa

Being on the eastern most tip of India, Khonsa, the beautiful hill station, receives the first rays of the sun in the morning in this part of the world. Not only does sun showers its first rays on the land, various forms of nature too seem to enjoy being present in Khonsa. This town in Tirap Valley is surrounded by the majestic Himalayan ranges; streams, deep gorges, dense forests and snow-clad hills add to the spectacular beauty of the place. Khonsa is a great place for trekking. The culture of the land is colorful too. Apart from the tribes to whom the place is native, Khonsa has warmly embraced people from neighboring states and hence it has a diverse culture. If you tour Khonsa, you will be content to stay put in the place exploring the beauty of the hill station. To get a feel of the land and the nearby tourist destinations, visit the following 5 places to visit in and around Khonsa.

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