Top 8 Places To Visit In Srikalahasti

If you intend to visit Srikalahasti on your vacation, it goes without saying that you are on a pilgrimage. This temple town is frequented by pilgrims from all parts of the land. This ancient town is vibrant and has a rich history. The shrines in this town and the serene atmosphere that is dominant here make the place one of the most popular tourist attractions. Religious beliefs apart, Srikalahasti never fails to fascinate visitors with its architectural splendor and magnificent carvings in temples. Yet another significance attached to the city without the tag of religion is the famous Kalamkari paintings. While Srikalahasti boasts of ancient temples in great numbers, it also is beautiful place with stunning landscape. Ensure that you do not miss the following 8 places to visit in Srikalahasti to customize your tour the way that interests you.

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