Top 8 Places That Add Value to Your Anantapur Visit

Every place has a tale. Every region has a history. The difference lies in the richness of history of a place, its culture, its civilization and how it has been preserved today. Some boast of a rich past but unfortunately you are left to see only the ruins or nothing that indicate the glorious past. Some places develop to present a different face altogether, which would make an interesting visit. Some maintain the essence of the past by blending it with the present and hence provide an in depth into the past life and attract with the present state. Anantapur, the largest district in the state of Andhra Pradesh has many historic monuments to highlight its significant past. It plays an important role even today as it is famous for silk trade and contributes towards the growth of economy. Let us have a look at the top 8 attractions of Anantapur.

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